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Healthcare News

  • China steps up to enhance infant healthcare

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 04 Jun, 2014

    Singapore: Healthcare technology and service provider, PerkinElmer, has collaborated with China's National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) to develop and implement three-year ...Read more

  • Philips healthcare chief resigns

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 09 Jul, 2014

    Singapore: Royal Philips CEO, Ms Deborah DiSanzo, has decided to quit the company after the healthcare group of Philips reported a disappointing second quarter results. Philips has also de...Read more

  • Healthcare challenges in Asia

    Healthcare |  Analysis | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 23 May, 2014

    Illustration by Anil Babu Healthcare challenges in Asia can be viewed as drivers for innovation rather than simply obstacles to overcome*World Health Organization Among the many problem...Read more

  • Singapore to host conference on wearable technology for healthcare

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 01 Apr, 2014

    Singapore: Singapore is all set to host 4th Mobile and Wearable Technology: Healthcare 2014 Conference from 3 - 4 April 2014. Mobile networks are the enabler of digital health while wearab...Read more

  • Oxford Univ spin off gets $20 mn for retinal gene therapy

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 04 Feb, 2014

    Singapore: Syncona, an independent subsidiary of the Wellcome Trust, has made a $19.60 million (£12 million) investment in NightstaRx, which is a spin-out from the University of Oxford and...Read more

  • We make the best memories by age 25: Research

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 21 Feb, 2014

    Singapore: Researchers at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) have found that when older adults were asked to tell their life stories, they overwhelmingly highlighted the central influenc...Read more

  • China reports four new H7N9 infections

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 12 Jun, 2014

    Singapore: The National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) of China notified four new laboratory-confirmed cases of H7N9 virus to the World Health Organization (WHO) on June 4, 2...Read more

  • India's largest healthcare project launched

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 07 Mar, 2014

    Singapore: In a PPP initiative Dr Satish Pawar, director health services, Mr Akhil Khan,vice chairman Ensocare, Dr Shakil Khan, managing director Ensocare and Mr Milan Rao, COO Wipro GE hea...Read more

  • India's miracle weight loss pill

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 17 Jul, 2014

    Singapore: Green coffee bean is fast becoming a popular weight loss treatment as people do not have to do anything different while taking this food supplement. They don't need to exercise o...Read more

  • 'Polio, an international public health emergency'

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 06 May, 2014

    Singapore: In a first, the World Health Organisation has declared polio as an international public health emergency. It has said that polio could grow in the next few months and has describ...Read more

  • Quake further exposes Nepal's weak healthcare system

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 29 Apr, 2015

    Singapore: A monster earthquake that shook the Himalayan nation Nepal, on 25 April, 2015 has further overburdened the country's weak healthcare system. The quake has exposed the woeful stat...Read more

  • APAC healthcare 2012 market touched $369.9 bn: F&S

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 07 Feb, 2013

    Singapore: Singapore healthcare expenditure market was worth $11.7 billion in 2012 and will grow to $22.3 billion by 2018, which represents a compound annual growth rate of 11.4 percent fro...Read more

  • Foot and Mouth disease outbreak in South Korea

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 24 Apr, 2014

    fsdfs...Read more

  • Ebola grips Africa in a deadly outbreak

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 04 Jul, 2014

    Singapore: In what is being described as the deadliest outbreak of any disease in history, Africa is gripped with the Ebola virus outbreak. It is unprecedented both in the number of cases a...Read more

  • Are we awaiting a bird flu pandemic?

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 14 Mar, 2015

    Singapore: In a study published in the journal Nature, scientists have cautioned that the deadly bird flu virus that is currently wreaking havoc in China and parts of Taiwan has mutated fre...Read more

  • mHealth is the next wave'

    Healthcare |  Opinion | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 31 Mar, 2014

    Singapore: With no doubt, one of the most important industry trends to watch in 2014 is mHealth. The global mobile healthcare (mHealth) market will grow at an astounding compounded annual r...Read more

  • Geneva scientist builds low-cost fake drug detector

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 26 Feb, 2013

    Singapore: Associate professor Serge Rudaz of Geneva University's School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has invented a low cost machine that can detect weakened or counterfeit drugs. Prof Ruda...Read more

  • Korea to improvise Jordan healthcare system

    Healthcare |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 07 Jul, 2014

    Singapore: Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health for establishment and expansion of health centers in Jordan. The ...Read more