Friday, 26 April 2019

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Asia capitalizing on digital tech innovations

Digital technology is becoming central to the future growth of the healthcare sector globally.  Healthcare companies around the world are now taking advantage of the new and exciting technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, machine learning, 3D- bioprinting and blockchain to create value for patients, clinicians, and shareholders alike.  Currently, Asia is entering a zone of grim reality where age and chronic conditions affect ever-growing masses of its populations. It has become obvious that Asia cannot resolve its healthcare challenges without the intervention of these new age technologies.

According to CBInsights, Venture Capitalists invested more than $2 billion in healthcare AI startups in 2018, a dramatic rise when compared to the $100 million invested just five years ago. With this rate, deep Learning and its applications in medical imaging and diagnostics are expected to hold the major share of the market in the coming years. Remaining resilient to the inevitable AI based technological revolution, Asia is capitalizing on this opportunity and investing in innovations likewise. Asian enterprises see AI as a complete disruptive force across technology, industry, product, go-to-market, academic, and economic dimensions. On the occasion of World Health Day, being celebrated on April 7, 2019, BioSpectrum Asia covers 25 innovative health tech startups bringing unique AI and robotics based healthcare solutions across China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and Australia

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