Sunday, 29 January 2023

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Life Sciences Trends to Watch for in 2023

The past two years have been a rollercoaster ride for the global economy and the pharma industry hasn’t been impervious to the major financial upheavals either. Yes, it’s the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic world that’s been influencing people from all walks of life and industries, alike. Buzzwords notwithstanding, we do have to thank the pandemic situation that forced all stakeholders to innovate and pool the best and brightest resources to keep the Life Sciences
industry thriving. While all other industries either lost steam in their growth plans, pharma boomed,not unlike the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It is this streak of resilience and growth that we want industry insiders to comment on. With curtains down for 2022, it’s time to look to the new year without the trepidation of the looming ‘Great Reset’. On an upbeat note, BioSpectrum brings you 23 trends and projections for 2023 that could reshape and influence our collective future.


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