Sunday, 07 June 2020

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10 COVID-19 candidate Vaccines in Clinical Evaluation

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus is a reminder of how global populations and economies are interconnected. The pandemic is integrating the global healthcare force by exposing the obvious realities that no single individual, company, or country can solve the pandemic crisis alone. Researchers are optimistically demonstrating best-in-class resources from the lab to manufacturing to advance the innovations at multiple vaccine candidates. Indeed, the global biopharma manufacturing industry is funding and expanding its capabilities for vaccine production on an ‘’at-risk basis’’ to facilitate the world’s immediate need and demand. Novel paradigms of Next-generation vaccine technology platforms are accelerating the development of “one life saving vaccine” to nullify the repulsive humanitarian and economic impact. According to the WHO, as of May 30 there are 10 vaccines under clinical evaluation which have already progressed to human trials and121 candidates are in preclinical evaluation.

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