Saturday, 25 June 2022

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In recent years, several innovations have emerged around long-acting formulations and medical device development to improve patient compliance. Consequently, the growing need for controlled drug release coupled with technological advancements in pharmacology is promoting the adoption of novel drug delivery systems (NDDS). It is now crucial for Asia Pacific (APAC) drug formulators to learn and act upon these advances in therapeutic modalities that address long-standing bioavailability, dosage, and ingestion challenges of drug components to remain competitive in the global market. Simultaneously, it’s essential to optimise the therapeutic efficacy and safety profiles of a drug by regulating dosage parameters, while DDS plays an important role in administering drugs, vaccines, and therapeutic agents. Optimising these techniques enhance the performance efficacy ratio of medications by economically managing therapeutics assets. Let’s examine recent advancements in drug delivery modalities that are greatly encouraging stakeholders’ collaboration among innovators, manufacturers, investors, and contract development and manufacturing companies (CDMOs) who are capitalising on competitive advantages.

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