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New from OEM by QIAGEN: StableScript, efficient reverse transcriptase

18 November 2021 | Opinion | By Partner Content

Do you need an efficient reverse transcriptase as OEM? Learn more about StableScriptTM – designed for one-step RT-qPCR and long-range RT-PCR with increased thermostability.

New from OEM by QIAGEN: StableScript™, an off-the-shelf sensitive and efficient reverse transcriptase provided in bulk. It is designed for use in one-step RT-qPCR and long-range PCR and demonstrates high sensitivity for RNA detection. With increased thermostability it can also help you overcome difficult RNA targets.

To grow your business, unblocking supply-chain bottlenecks is a top priority. This is where making the right “make or buy” decision is key to your success. Learn more about StableScript and the OEM by QIAGEN enzyme portfolio. Allow us to help you accelerate your molecular assay development.





  • Versatile
  • Designed for use in one-step RT-qPCR and long-range reverse transcription
  • Demonstrates high sensitivity for RNA detection
  • Enhanced processivity
  • Improved inhibitor resistance
  • Increased thermostability

Polymerase properties:

  • Optimum extension temperature: 55°C
  • Transcription length: 12.3 kB
  • Molecular weight: 115,035 Daltons




Increased thermostability

StableScript enables high cDNA yields and performs well at different temperatures (45° to 65°C)


Maintained sensitivity

StableScript™ ‘s increased thermostability helps to overcome detection challenges of difficult RNA targets.


Robust performance against common inhibitors and varying pH

StableScript demonstrates reliable performance across a pH range of 8.5 to 9.0. It also maintains performance in the presence of common inhibitors.



  • Active across a broad range of temperatures
  • Fast results even for long-range amplification
  • Maintains performance across a wide pH range
  • Robust RT-qPCR performance in the presence of common inhibitors
  • Enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range in one-step RT-qPCR
  • Compatible with lyophilized samples
  • Exceptional lot-to-lot consistency

A versatile reverse transcriptase designed for use in one-step RT-qPCR and long-range RT-PCR.  It demonstrates high sensitivity for RNA detection, improved thermostability, processivity and inhibitor resistance over first-generation M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase RNase H minus. For more information, read our interactive brochure or visit our product webpage.


Download interactive brochure Visit our product webpage


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