Sunday, 14 July 2024

Unblocking your enzyme supply chain is a top priority for business growth


Finding a one-stop-shop, reliable and agile supplier to custom-design enzymes or proteins for your molecular assay can be challenging. With OEM by QIAGEN you can choose an off-the-shelf enzyme from the proven, broad QIAGEN portfolio ̶ or customize your enzyme by changing clone, size, formulation or concentration. A dedicated OEM Project Manager will work with you from the start, to ensure you get the enzyme you need, from inquiry to development, from manufacturing to delivery and post launch support.

To grow your business, unblocking supply-chain bottlenecks is a top priority. Here’s a webinar on how to qualify a supplier for a long-term partnership to consolidate your supply chain. The webinar will show you how you can ensure your criteria for formulation, quantities, compliance and timelines are met. Examples of actual projects and processes for enzyme customization and bulk production will be discussed. Click here to find out more:

If you need OEM enzymes for commercial kit development (or other de-branded solutions), feel free to contact us about our OEM enzyme portfolio and customization capabilities. Allow us to help you to make the correct "make or buy" decision.

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