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STARLIMS is pleased to announce the release of its Quality Manufacturing Solution v12.3

06 April 2022 | News

STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing (QM) Solution v12.3 release, is built on the latest STARLIMS Technology v12.3 platform.

Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

STARLIMS QM 12.3 includes the following new features:

  • Enhanced and integrated HTML5 Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)
  • Chinese translation and labeling
  • Regulatory compliance improvements


Fully Integrated HTML5 Electronic Laboratory Notebook

A new re-written version of the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) using HTML5 technology is introduced with this release. It is fully integrated with the STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing QM 12.3 solution.

Having the ability to consistently execute material test methods as prescribed using the ELN is more important than ever in highly regulated industries where compliance, quality and collaboration are keys to success. Ensuring that standard testing methods and procedures are enforced, consistently followed, documented, as well as providing direct integration with instrumentation, allows organizations to operate more efficiently, minimize data entry and transcription errors, and reduce costly and time-consuming investigations when demonstrating integrity of data and laboratory processes.

HTML5 improves interoperability and allows modern controls. The ELN has been modified to resemble a widely used Excel experience for ease of use and familiarity for analysts. The new HTML5 ELN is fully integrated into STARLIMS QM 12.3 adding to our innovative suite of unified solutions.


image ELN ne QM 12.3


What is STARLIMS Electronic Laboratory Notebook, and why do you need it?

STARLIMS ELN provides a powerful, centralized electronic replacement for paper lab notebooks and other homegrown or manual solutions used to record your lab data. Whether you are looking to capture solutions, standards, and sample preparations information or interim result data in tables; execute calculations using standard Excel formulas, add pictures and annotations or include attachments, the Excel-like interface provides you with a flexible canvas to capture and store your test method execution data into a central repository.

The HTML5 ELN manages both structured and unstructured data and provides method execution capabilities to ensure that SOPs are strictly followed. The method/SOP is visible while you execute the steps to ensure consistency of documentation and compliance.

STARLIMS ELN reduces integration costs and eliminates the need to switch between multiple systems to do your work. Users benefit from having to learn just one application and user interface. The seamless integration with STARLIMS LIMS means streamlined upgrades, with only one system to update.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most utilized tools by scientists and lab personnel globally. The Excel-like look and feel supports scientists and lab personnel in quickly becoming familiar with the solution. The flexibility of the spreadsheets helps make these individuals highly productive and comfortable utilizing the program. Excel doesn’t satisfy the security and compliance requirements of labs of the future as Excel lacks traceability, audit trail, and central storage attributes that regulated labs require. This is where STARLIMS ELN comes in to support laboratories with regulatory compliance and ease of use.

Mock up QM 12.3

Chinese Translation and Labeling

We are also pleased to announce that we have significantly improved the Simplified Chinese language package within STARLIMS QM 12.3. The improvements include both software and labeling documentation such as the installation guide, user manuals, and external release notes. It is important to note that STARLIMS QM 12.3 supports multi-language capabilities. Additional languages can be added through professional services even though the official released languages are English and Simplified Chinese.


Regulatory Compliance Improvements

Several GxP improvements are included within STARLIMS QM 12.3 to enhance regulatory compliance. Additionally, with every release, we address reported concerns with existing functionality.


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