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Hong Zhao, President and Chief Executive Officer of SciClone Pharmaceuticals

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Zhao is the Executive Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of SciClone Pharmaceuticals (HKEX:6600), a global biopharmaceutical company with an integrated platform for the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for cancer and severe infection. With a strategic transformation that is driven by innovation, SciClone Pharmaceuticals has established a differentiated portfolio of a number of first-in-class and best-in-class potential products. Staying true to its original aspiration of “SciClone gives life hope”, SciClone Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving patients' health by providing top- tier healthcare products and services with global standards of care.

Mr. Zhao joined SciClone Pharmaceuticals in 2013 and since then, has led the Company to achieve operational excellence by continuously expanding its multi-dimensional innovative development paths and enhancing its multi-national infrastructure and compliance systems. Mr. Zhao is committed to always putting the needs of patients first and this is reflected in the Company’s relentless pursuit of new treatments for severe and specialized disease areas. The Company is involved in the end-to-end drug development process from early to late-stage pipelines. Under his leadership, the Company has also built impressive capabilities in commercialization, which is reflected in its innovative Go-To-Patient (GTP) model and effective life-cycle management of products. These unique capabilities have been validated by the sales of Zadaxin® (Thymalfasin for Injection), and are being applied to promote other products as well.

As a spirited leader, Mr. Zhao unites his team with a shared vision to advance the Company’s growth. He elucidated his clear vision of SciClone Pharmaceuticals’ values to his team, consisting of Customers First, Win-Win, Accountability, Effectiveness, Performance and Compliance, which encourages employees to work cohesively towards winning trust from patients and respect from customers. With his eye zeroed in on the Company’s strategic growth, in March 2021 he led the Company to become publicly listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, an event that provided strong tailwind to the Company’s ongoing strategic transformation to a more innovation-driven business model.

Prior to joining SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Zhao served as a senior vice president of Beijing Novartis Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and as an executive vice president of Simcere Pharmaceutical Group. Before joining the industry, he served as a lecturer at Nanjing Medical University.

Mr. Zhao received his bachelor’s degree in Clinical Medicine from Nanjing Medical University. Then, he obtained his Executive Master of Business Administration from China Europe International Business School.