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  • Bluechiiip signs deal with Inpeco

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 22 Oct, 2012

    Singapore: Bluechiip has signed a term sheet to execute a collaborative co-development agreement with swiss company Inpeco SA which allows both parties to collaborate to develop Inpeco pro...Read more

  • Novavax, CPL Biologicals, ICGEB join hands for malaria research

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 20 Jul, 2012

    Bangalore: Novavax, CPL Biologicals (CPLB) and the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), have formed a new collaboration to develop a novel malaria vaccine...Read more

  • CardioCel tissue patch enhances stem cell survival

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 06 Feb, 2013

    Singapore: Australia's Allied Healthcare's CardioCel tissue patches has shown superiority for stem cells survival and growth as compared to the gold-standard tissues in surgical use. Joint...Read more

  • Hatchtech publishes safety data for DeOvo

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 27 Nov, 2012

    Singapore: Australia-based specialty pharmaceutical company Hatchtech published data describing the mechanism of action of the active ingredient (Ha44) in its lead head lice product DeOvo, ...Read more

  • US FDA approves first drug for HIV prevention

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 17 Jul, 2012

    Singapore: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved once-daily oral Truvada (emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) by Gilead Sciences, in combination with safer sex...Read more

  • A*Star center promotes staff health, wins award

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 04 Dec, 2012

    Singapore: A*Star's Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN), won the Singapore HEALTH (Helping Employees Achieve Life-Time Health) Platinum Award 2012 for its efforts in promo...Read more

  • BIOTEC researcher gets Thai young scientist award

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 24 Aug, 2012

    Singapore: Dr Sithichoke Tangphatsornruang, head, genomic research laboratory, BIOTEC, has been chosen by the Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Technology under the Patronage of H...Read more

  • Is China bioscience really slowing down?

    BioTech |  Opinion | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 19 Jun, 2013

    Is China bioscience slowing down? From the numbers that have been put together by the BioSpectrum Asia Pacific Bioscience Industry Survey 2013, it does look so. However, a little deeper loo...Read more

  • Chugai pharma to invest in its research center in Singapore

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 02 Feb, 2015

    Singapore: Japan-based drug giant, Chugai pharmaceuticals recently announced that the company planned to invest nearly S$476 million into its research institute in Singapore-Chugai Pharmabo...Read more

  • Biocon gets positive results in insulin glargine study

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 27 Jul, 2012

    Bangalore: Biocon has announced positive results from a phase I comparative study conducted in Germany of its biosimilar insulin glargine in type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) patients. This ...Read more

  • Novartis: Malaysia signed MoU only with us

    BioTech |  Influencers | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 05 Sep, 2012

    Malaysia has geared itself to become a high-income developed nation by 2020. Working towards that goal, the government had launched the economic transformation programme (ETP), which is exp...Read more

  • Phylogica to convert notes to raise $1.6 mn

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 16 Oct, 2012

    Singapore: Phylogica has agreed to raise $1.6 million of new capital through a placement of 16,000 unlisted converting notes each with an issue price of $100. The issue of the converting no...Read more

  • Merck launches chromatography media

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 18 Sep, 2013

    Singapore: Merck Millipore, the life science division of Merck, has launched two comprehensive chromatography portfolio to further accelerate downstream purification and improve process eff...Read more

  • Mutation that causes anemia, also causes cancer

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 10 Jan, 2013

    Singapore: Research by Dr David S Terman of Jenomic Research Institute from Duke University, US, revealed that the genetic mutation that causes sickle cell anemia also turns red blood cell...Read more

  • New hope for personalized cancer therapy

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 07 Aug, 2013

    Singapore: A team of scientists led by Associate Professor Zeng Qi from A*Star's Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) have discovered a new biomarker which will help physicians pr...Read more

  • Allon neuro protein gets US, NZ, Mexico patent

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 06 Dec, 2012

    Singapore: Allon Therapeutics received composition of matter patents from the US, New Zealand and Mexico for a new family of peptides that the company believes has the potential to be deve...Read more

  • Abbott separates its R&D arm, calls it AbbVie

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 29 Nov, 2012

    Singapore: Abbott has decided to separate its research-based pharmaceuticals business, which will be known as AbbVie. Abbott also declared a special dividend distribution of all of the outs...Read more

  • Aus univ gets massive funding for TB, HPV R&D

    BioTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 11 Jan, 2013

    Singapore: University of Queensland (UQ) has secured support from the federal government for two research of its projects, aimed at treating papilloma virus and tuberculosis infections. The...Read more