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  • Malaysia aims at 1000 clinical trials by 2020, trains professionals

    BioServices |  Opinion | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 17 Sep, 2013

    The rise of the National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) has created a sense of urgency in Malaysia. The government, in its resolve to make Malaysia a developed country by 2020, has introduced...Read more

  • BSA-CMR Survey: New CRO players emerge in APAC

    BioServices |  Analysis | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 18 Sep, 2013

    The fifth edition of the annual BioSpectrum Asia Pacific clinical research organization (CRO) Survey, which is conducted in association with CyberMedia Research (CMR), yet again identifie...Read more

  • ImmusanT starts trials of celiac disease vaccine, Nexvax2

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 05 Sep, 2012

    Singapore: ImmusanT initiated clinical trials in New Zealand, Australia and the US to evaluate Nexvax2, the first therapeutic vaccine for patients with celiac disease. Nexvax2 is designed...Read more

  • Quintiles signs bioanalytical deal with Korean CRO

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 20 Dec, 2012

    Singapore: To enhance its bioanalytical service offerings in Asia, Quintiles has signed an exclusive partnership with BioCore, a leading Seoul-based bioanalytical contract research organiza...Read more

  • SymBio Pharma completes patient enrollment

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 08 Mar, 2013

    Singapore: Japan-headquartered SymBio Pharmaceuticals has completed patient enrollment for its phase II clinical trial of Treakisym (bendamustine hydrochloride, SyB L-0501) in frontline low...Read more

  • Challenge No 10: Lack of mid-size CROs

    BioServices |  Analysis | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 17 May, 2012

    For the CRO industry, the biggest challenge will be to develop a credible mid-sized offering to the industry. Currently, this does not exist. (Read about all 10 challenges for businesses in...Read more

  • Vedic's health study on men is a success

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 30 Nov, 2012

    Singapore: Vedic Lifesciences has successfully completed four human studies on sexual health, for various clients from Canada and India. Research papers for two of these studies have been p...Read more

  • Telstar to set up plants for Square in Bangladesh

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 05 Oct, 2012

    Singapore: Telstar, a provides of life sciences solutions headquartered in Spain, will set up two new pharmaceutical plants for the Bangladesh-based firm Square Pharmaceuticals. Square is t...Read more

  • Temptime expands business in Asia

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 01 Jun, 2012

    Singapore: Temptime, the world leader in time temperature indicators, has opened a business office in Beijing, China, marking a significant advancement in their global effort to improve dis...Read more

  • INC Research opens two new offices in Japan

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 30 Jul, 2013

    Singapore: INC Research, a therapeutically focused global clinical research organization (CRO) with a Trusted Process(R) for delivering reliable results, announced the establishment of INC ...Read more

  • FDA raps Chinese clinical trials for 'sloppy data'

    BioServices |  Regulatory | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 15 Jul, 2013

    Singapore: China offers a cheaper and bigger market for clinical trials, but its sloppy data generation and irregularities in clinical trial procedures has drawn the ire of the US regulator...Read more

  • AusBiotech advocates strong clinical trial program

    BioServices |  Analysis | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 25 May, 2012

    Singapore: Australia, which celebrated International Clinical Trials Day on May 20, is looking to strengthen its clinical trials industry. AusBiotech, the bioscience industry association of...Read more

  • New Zealand aims at early phase and proof of concept trials

    BioServices |  Analysis | By Piyusha Chatterjee | 0 Comment | 12 Sep, 2013

    New Zealand has held a clean track record with early phase and proof of concept trials and has maintained accuracy in the compilation of clinical data. The straightforward regulatory system...Read more

  • Mr Tarun Pandotra, PRA India: Drug discovery outsourcing will gain momentum in 2013

    BioServices |  Opinion | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 25 Dec, 2012

    The drug discovery outsourcing market will experience high revenue growth from 2013-to-2023. Expansion of the market will be stimulated by the rising costs of pharma R&D, advancing tech...Read more

  • Axway helps Sanofi to 'fool-proof' its IT infrastructure

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 23 May, 2013

    Singapore: Sanofi joined hands with Axway in order to streamline processes and transform its technology infrastructure into an efficient global network. Axway will help the life science gia...Read more

  • Temasek to divest in Medreich Pharma

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 03 Dec, 2012

    Bangalore: Temasek, a Singapore-based investment company with 11 affiliates and offices in Asia and Latin America, is looking to offload its stake in Bangalore-based Medreich Pharma. Temas...Read more

  • Boston Healthcare expands in Asia

    BioServices |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 27 Nov, 2012

    Singapore: Boston Healthcare is expanding its health economics, pricing, and reimbursement consulting services with the formation of a strategic advisory practice in Asia. This enhanced pre...Read more

  • Quality researchers give an edge to Australia

    BioServices |  Opinion | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 13 Sep, 2013

    Australia, known for providing rigorous high quality clinical research and enthusiastic investigators with centers of excellence leading to high quality clinical outcomes, has been acknow...Read more