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"REVIVE is a daily supplement to combat age-related cognitive decline"

02 March 2017 | Influencers | By Amrita Tejasvi

REVIVE is a daily supplement formulated by neuroscientists to strengthen learning, memory and focus abilities

What is the current scenario when it comes to awareness about brain health? Does brain health earn the same attention in aging population as compared to heart diseases or diabetes?

Brain health and awareness is growing among seniors, the age group that is generally most affected by brain health related issues. It is also growing amongst people who know someone, a friend or family member, who has been affected by diseases and afflictions that affect the brain.

However, there is far less attention paid to brain health outside of these groups, especially in the younger demographics. Many younger people mistakenly think that brain aging is only a problem for the elderly, or that it is not as important as other chronic diseases they may be vulnerable to.

Many people will commit to exercise, specific diets and taking certain supplements to improve various aspects of their physical health in an effort to prevent conditions like heart disease and diabetes, but forget about their brain. The brain needs just as much attention as the heart, lungs, bones and muscles.

We should be thinking about our brain health as early as in our mid-twenties - when, at a cellular level, our brains begin to show signs of age-related cognitive decline. Unlike many other age-related afflictions (like arthritis), every one of us will experience some form of age-related cognitive decline.

In addition, many researchers believe that pathological conditions like Alzheimer's may develop 10 to 20 years before we notice obvious psychological symptoms, such as learning and memory impairment. By the time these conditions are diagnosed, they may have already had years to set in and some of the damage would have been done.

As such, everyone should take a proactive approach in maintaining their brain health at an earlier age. Studies have shown that regular exercise and a healthy diet can slow down brain aging and other chronic conditions.

Tell us something about the brain supplement that Senescence Life Sciences has developed. When and where was the clinical trial conducted and what has been the result?

REVIVE is supported by evident and peer reviewed scientific research. REVIVE is a daily supplement that is specially formulated by neuroscientists to strengthen learning, memory and focus abilities and also to combat age-related cognitive decline.

REVIVE has a unique, patent pending formulation that contains five active ingredients, each clinically tested to support the brain's cognitive function and combat cell damage that builds with age. REVIVE contains:

o Ginsenosides (extracted from Panax Ginseng) and Asiaticosides (extracted from Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola)) that increase natural repair mechanisms within the brain to boost learning, memory and focus.

o Vitamin E, Selenium and Alpha-Lipoic Acid that combat and defend against brain cell damage that builds with age and restore damaged cells.

Each individual ingredient has been proven safe and effective by at least five clinical trials conducted by independent third party labs from across the world. REVIVE has gone through rigorous safety and quality control testing and consistently tests four to 100 times better than the minimum regulatory requirements set by Health Canada.

Senescence Life Sciences is currently in the final stages of planning its initial clinical trial. This first trial will aim to demonstrate that regular users of REVIVE over a one year period will experience an increase in their learning, memory and focus abilities when compared to non-users of REVIVE over the same period. We are excited to get underway and are anticipating positive results from this study.

Are there any side effects of REVIVE? Can you share some data on the study?

To date, Senescence Life Sciences has observed no side effects when REVIVE is taken on its own or when taken together with other dietary supplements. Do note, however, that REVIVE is a dietary supplement intended for nutritional support. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. REVIVE should also not be used by people under 18 years of age or during pregnancy or nursing. Each ingredient on its own is proven to be effective and safe through multiple clinical studies done across the world.

In which countries is REVIVE currently approved and available in?

At the moment REVIVE is only available in Singapore. However, it is currently in the process of being introduced to Canada and we anticipate its Canadian launch sometime in 2017. We are also working to make REVIVE available in other markets across Asia Pacific.


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